About Convertant

Convertant: third person plural present active subjunctive of convert: they who turn things upside down, they who turn things over, those that direct, they who turn things back or recoil.

We are an interesting collection of social and computer scientists that aggregate marketing trends, customer behaviors and data to increase and replicate the purchasing journeys of the most cost effective customers of our clients.  We take what we've learned from our experiences at companies like IBM, Microsoft, Otter, and others and we bring those capabilities to you. 

We have the experience of managing $100 million advertising budgets, running multiple companies and consulting with tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses. Having introduced dozens of new products and services we have learned to realize the utmost importance of new and recurring revenue along with the ability to effectively communicate your proper value proposition.

We are first and foremost  Cybrianians…the collectors of data. Traditionally trained in the dark arts of Internet Marketing and sales conversion we have integrated a multi-discipline approach to solving an age-old problem…how do you attract and talk to people that want to buy something. We have the world's largest Customer Purchase Behavior database available. We know "why" customers "buy".



Tom Warda, CEO Tom@convertant.com


“the three most important  aspects of every business…is the effective communication of a  differentiating value proposition, new and recurring revenue and the ability to adapt to changing market opportunities in a timely fashion”

Dave Dumler, CRO dave@convertant.com


“there is exorbitant waste in conventional, ineffective and un-accountable marketing expenditures that can simply be  remedied by  a  better understanding of customer purchasing behaviors…40%   of marketing budgets are wasted…50%+ marketers do not have the product demand intelligence they need…and acquisition costs too often exceeds lifetime value”

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