Why don’t I do this myself- Convertant Staff

Benefits of using Convertant

I understand that you are considering getting your own chat software and manning it yourself. I would like to discuss with you how the costs associated with creating a Convertant-like platform together is not very cost effective. From our six years’ experience in this industry, we estimate a minimum of $26,000 a month operation cost for you as well as about a four to seven-month window to become “pretty good” at representing a consistent and professional brand promise. This is a complex process that we make extremely easy and cost effective for our clients. I apologize if we have not made that abundantly clear.

We are also aware that there are dozens of companies to give you a chat service technology without an effective engagement methodology. Just like all those people that buy a hammer after watching a Saturday morning worth of DIY TV shows that claim they can build a new multi-level home. We know this because several of our clients call us to fix their less than successful attempts. This a very complex and multi-dimensional level business model that needs to be executed with perfection.

Our niche in the business world is that there are only three other companies we have found, that internally do what we do (one of them is named after a river in South America) …and we offer the same seamless quality service platform at an affordable price to much smaller companies.

Since we have done this many times for our clients, we know that if you can find and manage at a minimum four $15 per hour high energy and college educated marketing specialists, that will work 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, four weeks a month, on holidays and without getting sick or ever going on vacation …and then keeping them focused and motivated on a daily basis… it should only cost you about $10,800/month without taxes. And remember that statistically only one out of three employees will work out over a few months.

In addition, you will need at least two supervising managers (most likely three) preferably with a graduate degree (hopefully an MBA candidate) with a computer science background willing to work 12 hour days 30 days a month for only about $18 per hour for an additional $12,960/month…plus six networked laptops at about $800 each or another $4800.

So that part is easy…the difficult part is to find an appropriate language syntax analytics software package (with support) which will interface with a demand forecasting behavioral purchasing path software with embedded machine learning algorithms that a high level marketing analysis firm can interpret and make recommendations on your collected data in real time…enabling the ability to create a dynamic conversational adaptation option and turn those insights into actionable business tactics…which we have all of the proprietary rights.

If you can do all of these things in your spare time…we feel certain that within 4 to 7 months, you will have a 40% chance, of creating an average customer brand experience…for an estimated monthly operating cost of over $25,000. This should give you a fair chance of getting good enough within a year to achieve a steady-state operating break-even.

We realize that you have an extraordinary brand. We enjoyed learning about how you have created an amazing company over many years.  During our due diligence process, we have confirmed your reputation and professionalism. We also realize that most companies like you do not have unlimited resources and unlimited time to learn an entirely new complex and highly effective technique like engagement marketing, but we thought that it might be to your advantage to allow us to help you get more paying clients off your website at an affordable price. We would love to work with you and help you recoup all of the money that you could have earned since we have been visiting.


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