Press Release: 1/4/18

Contact: Tom Warda

Telephone: 720-331-6772



The two top home services BI companies ink initial services agreement to compete in $400B the Homes Services Industry.

 Convertant CEO and Managing Director Tom Warda announced a three-year relationship with Mike Layton of Stochastic Marketing as a strategic move to compete in the Home Services BI segment of the $800B Home Services Market. This market estimate is by Hillary Stout of the New York Times in her article about how Google and Amazon have just entered this market.

As other companies have a data processing lags of up to 30 days, Convertant with its proprietary technologies and process along with the world’s largest Purchasing Behavior Database, can analyze market changes and trends in real-time, adapt to the change and then relay that information instantly to its clients who have historically seen triple digit revenue increases in its market share. “We are the tool that is required to operate a truly agile business” said founder Tom Warda of Convertant.

“We have the ability of taking the guesswork out of marketing/sales plans by delivering upwards of a 90% confidence level of revenue projections for the next 30/60/90 days…we have been doing this for the world’s largest software and hardware companies for over the last three years…saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective or misdirected sales opportunities…you don’t have to wait and see what will happen anymore.”

Stochastic Marketing is a well-established St. Louis based home services consulting company with the ability to analyze the past performance of a company’s revenue profile and make suggestions based off actual performance.

“This is like a “peanut butter and jelly solution” for all home services companies. “says internet revenue expert Doug Horsch, “up until now, the ability to not only drive revenue and monitor it in real-time…and then to make adjustments based off market conditions, creates the competitive advantage that only the largest sellers of products and services can afford. This gives them a low-cost tool that puts them in-line with the other huge competitors like Google, Amazon, e-bay, and Priceline.”

“The awareness and contend marketing segment has been saturated for several years with diminishing results…the smart money is on BI adaptability and conversion…. saving money on non-performing campaigns while increasing revenue is the only way to go” …commented Dave Dumler an ex-Microsoft executive. “this has been trending for years and finally has come to the Home Services Community and looks like their last chance to compete with the big boys. There are many imitators in this field…but none with the backroom instant feedback and market adaptability that Convertant can provide for their clients.”

“Both organizations are very excited about the opportunities that this relationship creates” says Tom Warda. “we are in a unique situation to help our home service clients with this innovative process and technology…lowering their overall marketing expenses while increasing revenues will put a smile on everyone’s face”


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